Sports Facilities

HU provides two standard 400-meter track fields. If you are interested in ball games, grounds for football, volleyball, and basketball are open at fixed time. Some facilities such as the tennis court and the swimming poor are charged but you are entitled to enjoy a discount for use.  

1 Basketball, volleyball, football, stadium

The football field is charged. The basketball courts, volleyball courts, and stadium are free of charge.

2 Swimming Pool

(1) With your student ID card, you can get a discount.

(2) Business Hours: 06:00-08:00,16:30-21:30

3Tennis court

(1)Pay for entry and bring your own tennis racket, balls, and shoes.

(2)Business Hours: 07:40-11:40,15:00-21:30

4 Gymnasium

(1)Badminton, table tennis, and billiards are available but they are charged.

(2)Business Hours:Monday to Friday:17:00-22:00;

Saturday to Sunday:08:00 -22:00